Open Day provided an opportunity for visitors to gain a better understanding of the Moog Industrial Group product lines. Guests were greeted with an in-house display of our wide product range, followed by a tour into the exciting world of motion control. This tour featured the heart of the Memmingen site: the Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ series. These highly compact and intelligent Brushless DC (BLDC) servo motors come with controllers, amplifiers and encoders already integrated in the motor housing and were the main feature of our event.

Open Day also included these exciting, live demos:

• The ‘Flying Balls’ demo featured ropes, balls and 11 Class 5 NEMA 34 SmartMotor devices mounted at the ceiling, connected with Combitronic™. Together, the materials in this demo produced intricate patterns that highlighted the versatile programming and coordination capabilities of the SmartMotor.

• The ‘SmartMotor2Go’ demo showed how this product can be used to turn signals on/off quickly and remotely. Our Class 5 NEMA 23 SmartMotor worked with an LED lamp to create a stroboscopic effect that turns a signal on or off in less than a minute.

In addition, Moog proudly presented its latest smart drive prototype for sliding and access systems – part of our in-house, High Level Solutions offerings.


Guests experienced the power of Moog’s engineering firsthand, through a chance to test their strength against SmartMotor technology. Participants were challenged to try to pedal a stationary bike while a SM34165DT (Class 5 NEMA 34) SmartMotor served as a break on the ergometer. Needless to say, our challengers felt the sheer strength of this small motor, since the SmartMotor won every time!



Photos: Jörg Spielberg, Fotografie & Video, Kempten, GERMANY

Open Day would not have been complete without local food and entertainment. On site, food trucks provided delicious meal options, ranging from classics, like burgers, to more contemporary creations, such as “Currywurst.” Alphorn blowers highlighted regional culture and ambiance, as event participants enjoyed product demos and networking opportunities.



Open Day was a great opportunity for Moog to connect with people from the Memmingen region, share critical industrial and medical technology solutions and provide participants a space to network with other professionals in the area. We look forward to more opportunities to connect with our customers and discuss new, innovative solutions.


We sincerely hope those who came to Open Day enjoyed their time with us. 
For those who could not make it, you are welcome to visit us any time!