Moog provides a complete line of brushless DC motors and integrated SmartMotors. Developed for a wide variety of applications, these high performance motors are efficient and easily programmable.

  • Integrated SmartMotor™
    Moog's SmartMotor™ is a highly programmable and adaptable closed-loop BLDC servomotor. The compact housing contains motor, encoder, amplifier, controller, communication interfaces and IOS.
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  • Brushless BN Series
    Moog's Silencer® series of brushless motors offer diameters from 30 to 104 mm and lengths from 33 to 134 mm. These motors offer continuous torques from 0.0169 to 3.66 Nm and speeds up to 40,000 rpm.
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  • FastAct H Brushless Motors
    The FastAct H series of brushless motors – available in various sizes – is designed to be the best in its class. With maximum acceleration values and extremely high overload, they deliver a reliable performance.
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