Our brushless resolvers provide highly accurate velocity and position information for closed-loop electronic control, as well as brushless DC motor commutation. They are built to endure tough conditions, such as electrical noise, heat, shock and vibration.

  • Size 11 Digital Resolver
    The size 11 digital resolver is a compact, low-cost angular position transducer with DC input and digital output. Their rugged design provides reliable performance in even the toughest, vibration-prone industrial and instrument applications.
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  • Size 11 Single Speed Brushless Resolvers
    Moog’s brushless resolvers help deliver accurate, safe and quiet position and / or velocity sensing. We offer custom configurations for a wide range of applications across industries.
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  • Low-Cost Brushless Pancake Resolvers
    These brushless resolvers are rugged, reliable and ideal for demanding operating conditions, including high temperatures, shock and vibrations. They are available in various standard sizes or with custom modifications. Learn more.
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